Science Live!

On the 18th January 2018, the sixth form science students went on a visit to Friends House on Euston Road to listen to talks by renowned experts in the field of chemistry.

The students were fascinated by the 10 most beautiful experiments in chemistry delivered by Doctor Phillip Ball. They were astonished by the use of mathematical modelling used in understanding orbital electrons by Doctor Peter Wothers.

They were interested by the role atmospheric chemistry plays in informing policy for lower ozone emissions by Professor Lucy Carpenter as well as Doctor Nick Lane’s talk on energy and matter at the origin of life linking biology with chemistry; how inorganic matter became organic.

Mohammed Fahad, 12X, said that he was “flubber-gasted” (Flubber movie reference) by Professor Andrea Sella’s talk on mercury and how it was used to make the invisible atmosphere measurable. One thing that they all took away from this trip was the examiner tips on how to get the A/A* in their A Level Chemistry exams in August. On 18 Jan 2018