At Loxford, we believe that geography students hold the key to the world’s problems.

So many of the world’s current issues – at a global scale and locally – boil down to geography, and need the geographers of the future to help us understand them.

Issues such as global warming and its effects on countries and regions, food and energy security, the degradation of land and soils from over-use and misuse, the spread of disease, the causes and consequences of migration, and the impacts of economic change on places and communities. These are just some of the challenges facing the next generation, which geographers must help solve.

Geography is taught across the school at KS3 and then as an option for GCSE and A Level.

Throughout their time at Loxford, students study a range of topics at a local, national, regional and global scale to broaden their knowledge and understanding of different places and issues in the world. Geography equips students with several transferable skills that they can use in other subjects and later in life.

Our expectations:

We have high expectations for our students undertaking Geography at all levels. The department aims to ensure that:

Students enjoy the subject and develop a love for learning from Key Stage Three to Key Stage Five.

Students thrive in their studies through developing their analytical, critical and geographical skills.

Students work hard to progress in their development and achieve above and beyond in their Geography target grades.

Key Stage Three Curriculum:
Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
·          Where I live

·         Weather and Climate

·         India

·         Extreme Environments

·         Rivers and Flooding

·         Tourism

·         Brazil

·         Sustainable Living

·         Africa

·         Earthquakes and Volcanoes

·         China

·         Issue Evaluation

·         Development

·         Our Living World

·         UK Landscapes

·         UK Economy

·         Urban Environments

We have seen a huge increase in the numbers of students wishing to do geography for GCSE over the last few years. Students receive three one-hour lessons each week and are given homework twice a week. They are taught in mixed ability, mixed sex groupings and remain with the same teacher throughout the two years.

Physical Human Paper 3
·        The Living World

·        Hazards

·        Rivers and Coasts

·        Urban

·        The Challenge of Resource Management

·        Changing Economic World


·        Geographical skills

Importance of Geography:

Geography at G.C.S.E. is a valuable EBacc subject and can help to provide students with a gateway into a Russell Group university. The subject covers a wide variety of topics from both human and physical perspectives and can help to enhance a student’s perception and understanding of the different concepts, issues and processes occurring in our world today.

Congratulations to the year 11 students on achieving 78% grades 9-4.