The aim of the History Department at Loxford School is to develop in students a real interest in the past, to help them understand the present. In this sense we support the Humanities faculty in its aim of teaching students about humans’ interaction with the historical, the geographical, cultural, spiritual and moral dimensions of the world we live in.

History can empower students, opening up academic opportunities and skills important to the modern working world. It will help young people understand the society in which they live, help develop a common identity and appreciation of modern British values: democracy, rule of law, liberty and tolerance.

Our expectations:

We have high expectations for our students undertaking History at all levels. The department aims to ensure that:

Students enjoy the subject and develop a love for learning from Key Stage Three to Key Stage Five.

Students thrive in their studies through developing their evaluation, source and written skills.

Students work hard to progress in their development and achieve above and beyond in their History target grades.

At Key Stage 3 pupils will learn about the following topics@

Year 7: Medieval Realms

  • What is History? What are the key skills I need to be a historian?
  • The Norman Conquest
  • Medieval Life
  • The Crusades
  • Medieval Monarchs
  • Black Death and It’s Impact
  • Local History Project

Year 8: Britain in Change

  • The Reformation – how the Tudors changed the Church
  • Gunpowder Plot
  • Why was Charles’ I executed?
  • Changing Faces of Britain
  • Jack the Ripper
  • British Empire
  • Road to Emancipation – Civil Rights

Year 9:  The World in Conflict

  • World in Conflict - Causes and Nature of WW1
  • Causes and Natures of WW2
  • The Holocaust
  • Nature of the Cold War
  • Immigration into Britain

Exam board: Edexcel GCSE

Exam Structure: 

  • Paper 1 – Medicine through Time + Source investigation (30%)
  • Paper 2 – Cold War 1945-1989 + Elizabethan England. (40%)
  • Paper 3 – Conflict in America at Home and Abroad. (30%)
Year 10 Autumn Term
Medicine in Britain  though Time and the Historic Environment (The British Sector on the Western Front)

Spring Term
Early Elizabethan England

Summer Term
Super Power Relations in the Cold War

Year 11 Autumn Term

Super Power Relations in the Cold War

Spring Term
The USA Conflict at home and abroad 1954- 1971: Civil Rights and Vietnam

Summer Term


Congratulations to the year 11 students on achieving 90% grades 9-4.

History isn’t a subject that is stuck in the past, far from it. Historical events such as the creation of the NHS, the 1960s Civil Rights movement and the legacy of the Cold War shape the world we currently  live in and are still relevant today . The GCSE History course has been designed to help you understand the value and significance of world events in the past. In the process you’ll gain an understanding of social, cultural, political and religious diversity which will help improve your understanding of why people act as they do today. By end of the course you will learn skills of explanation, evaluation and interpretation to name a few that are a vital skill set for future level 3 studies including A-Level.

History is a very popular choice which is highly respected by employers and universities because it gives you the knowledge and skills  which are useful in any career. Students who specialise in history can go on to become historical researchers and teachers however history also supports other career paths like journalism, politics, economics, law, social work and public services.