The Performing Arts’ department consists of Music and Drama. Both these subjects are taught to every child for the first three years in school and they study each of the two subjects for one hour every week in Year 8 and Year 9 and in Year 7, students experience Drama and Music on a carousel: half the year they are doing Drama and the second half Music (or vice-versa),

As a faculty, we strongly believe that people who are in touch with their creativity at a young age, become happier, more balanced people, and they are ultimately more fulfilled and can manage their lives better.

We believe that lunchtime and after school activities on a regular basis enrich the students’ education and give them a greater degree of freedom and expression and allow them to interact with students from other year groups, building a strong sense of community. We aim to further the development of individual responsibility whilst also ensuring the students’ enjoyment through a wide range of activities and experiences which they can choose to participate in.

Students also have the chance to showcase their talent and passion in diverse events organised by the department.

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Past Performances

High School Musical – 2019

Aladdin Jr  – 2018


Alice in Wonderland Jr. Production – 2018