Outreach Agencies and what they do

Little Heath Outreach Teacher

image_1444046937_561268596e601[1]Little Heath School is a Foundation Special Secondary School for students with general learning difficulties and other more complex needs such as Autism/Asperger Syndrome and ADHD. Some students have speech and communication difficulties. The Little Heath Outreach Teacher supports students with Statements of Special Educational Need and EHC Plans at Loxford School.

The New Rush Hall Outreach Teacher

image_1444046937_561268597d33d[1]The New Rush Hall Outreach Service aims to provide a comprehensive service that will enable mainstream schools to meet the needs of students with SEMH. This is accomplished through support for teachers and students in the context of the whole school, thus minimising the need for placement in a special school.

The New Rush Hall Outreach Teacher supports referred students at Loxford that need additional support.

Educational Psychologist

The Educational Psychology Service works with schools, families and others in the care of children and young people who experience educational difficulties.

The school’s Educational Psychologist (EP) visits the school for 20 hours per term. The EP completes assessments of students raised at year based ‘Year Team Meeting’ and liaises with the SENCO.

Connexions Redbridge

Connexions in Redbridge provides information, advice and guidance to vulnerable young people in year 9 and upwards to support them in planning for transition into further education, training and employment.


EWMHS formally known as CAMHS is the Early Intervention in Schools Programme (CEIS) and is aimed at children and young people between the ages of 5 – 18 years, at risk of and/or experiencing mental health problems, through the use of evidence-based models of therapeutic and holistic mental health support.

Speech and Language Therapy Service

This service monitors the progress of referred students and provides support programmes for school staff and parents to enable children to communicate to the best of their ability. The speech and language therapist may work with students who have eating and swallowing problems too.

Joseph Clarke – Visual Impaired Service

This service provides training to staff and consultation about school environment for visually impaired students. The outreach workers also develop specific programmes for students and work with class teachers to assist students to reach their full potential. Team members make home visits in order to work with parents/carers on specifically designed programmes to stimulate their child’s use of vision or compensate for lack of vision.

Redbridge Hearing Impaired Services

Roding Primary School provides an outreach service to students which includes:

  • in-class support for pupils;
  • in-service training and deaf awareness sessions;
  • care and maintenance of audio logical equipment;
  • the practical aspects of hearing aid care and management;
  • play-based activities to promote language development;
  • support and advice for families;
  • monitoring and assessment of progress.

Youth Offending and Targeted Prevention Service (YOTPS)

This team works in close partnership with social services, Education and the police service. YOTPS works with young people aged 8 – 17 at risk of becoming involved in offending or anti-social behaviour. YOTPS also works with first time offenders under the age of 17 who have been arrested for the first time. The aim is to intervene as soon as possible after an offence has been admitted by a young person to help reduce the number of young people who are entering the Criminal Justice System.


Fusion NELFT is the Redbridge Drug and Alcohol Service for Young People. Fusion NELFT offers young people advice, up-to-date information and support in relation to drugs and alcohol issues.

Special Education Resource Centre

This Centre, based at Newbridge School, Barley Lane Campus, provides advice and support in the use of information and communication technology with students who have special educational needs.

The Centre provides:

  • Assessment of the ICT needs of individual students
  • Training for teachers and support staff who work with students with SEND
  • Support and advice to parents of children with SEND