Welcome to Year 11


Welcome to Year 11. This year is the most important and challenging period of your child’s secondary education. By the summer of 2020, the conclusion of your child’s school career will be established and the journey towards the next phase of their education will begin.

This year is the formal journey to achieve GCSE and/or BTEC qualifications. It is extremely important that they complete all work set by subject teachers. These are not optional. Non-examination assessments (NEA’s) count towards their final GCSE grades and are not negotiable. Students must actively embrace the work given and their lessons in order to learn and achieve.

The vision of the Year 11 team is to encourage and develop all students to fulfill their potential with the knowledge that they have the full support of the year team and their parents/carer. In school, we aim to nurture students towards success and support them at every opportunity to enhance their learning. We instill British values during PSCHE to prepare them for careers beyond their time as a student. We value their experiences and adapt to every child to support progress.

Students must actively take ownership of their final year in school in addition to support. Furthermore, parental input is extremely important for student success as students may need to confide with you regarding issues which they may not wish to discuss immediately within school. Courses may appear to be both challenging and daunting, however a positive relationship between school and home is integral to the success of all students; it is therefore important that parents and carers contact the school to raise any concerns in order to address different scenarios.

Please continue to check student diaries and exercise books to immediately acknowledge the level of work they receive. In addition, please continue to sign diaries weekly, in order to monitor whether they have outstanding work, detentions or homework to complete as well as viewing rewards, achievement remarks and comments made by their teachers.

In order to succeed, students must value learning. Year 11 results will be a manifestation of the work they produced throughout their time in lessons and at home. Some of the keys to success will include outstanding attendance and punctuality as well as outstanding behaviour from your child.

By working to the best of their ability and by making the correct choices, your child will gain the necessary tools to succeed in exams and assessments.
We look forward to a successful year and hope to celebrate the success of your child through to results day 2020.


Miss Charlton

Achievement Team Leader