SSAT Aspirations Show 2018

On Friday 6th July, students attended ‘The SSAT Aspirations Show 2018’. The opportunity was offered to Yr 9 monitors and Y10 prefects as an award for their work. Unfortunately, due to limited places, only the first 15 students to hand in reply slips were chosen. The event was intended to give young people the chance to feel they have control over their own futures through exploring their potential future pathways.

Students had the opportunity to engage with people from different industries and learn about the challenges faced and methods to overcome them. Workshop sessions were attended on a variety of themes including how to get forward through creating opportunities, Psychology and Technology. The latter raised awareness of the need to involve and encourage women to engage in roles within technology. Interesting discussions took place regarding reasons for the lack of women choosing to work in technology. Both boys and girls put forward reasons and suggestions for this, resulting in a couple of male students in putting their names forward as ambassadors to the Modern Muse organisation. Loxford students were notable in their participation in activities and one has been contacted by the organisers to provide her reflections on the event.

What students had to say:

‘Speechless’ ‘Amazing’ ‘inspired’


‘I really enjoyed the trip to this university. I learned how to cope with stress and situations’


‘This really helped me – it was really useful. I got to think about my future and the choices I have.’


‘It was really helpful in understanding with how to cope in different situations and what to do.