On the 4th July, 12 students from across year 8 and year 9 went to Havering Sixth Form College for a STEM challenge.

They had to participate in 3 challenges out of 4 which included

  1. E-FIT a police software allowing the students to create an image of a suspect following a crime
  2. Robotics – students had to use coding to instruct their robots to circulate a map without losing marks or moving out of the given boundary
  3. Vehicle Activity – students were provided with material to build a vehicle using batteries where they were then competing with each other from the start to finish line
  4. Diagnostics -this was focussing on a patient with inflamed lungs – students were provided with urine samples, sphygmometer, heart rate monitor and patient history -students had to discuss and find out the final diagnosis of this patient.

We had Kevin Puski 8H and Simrit Bal 9C which won the E-FIT challenge.

Student feedback

  • Kevin Puski – “I learnt a lot during the activities and it was a phenomenal experience”
  • Saarah Munshi – “I enjoyed all of the activities and would love to show my talent in more of these”
  • Tharanki “It was a wonderful experience competing against students from other schools in a subject I enjoy the most”