Mr O’Gorman’sTestimonial

image_1447942565_564dd9a56d99e[1]I completed the school direct training route into teaching at Loxford School last year. As part of this route, I was given my own classes to teach and I found the course to be well structured and as such it provided me with a number of opportunities to fulfil the requirements of the course and develop my own professional practice

Loxford School hosted a number of in house improvement groups known as Drop In And Learn (DIAL) sessions which allowed me to meet with and share information and good practice with colleagues from other departments. The aim of the sessions was to provide new teachers; like me with a range of strategies, tips and tricks that I was able to use to continue to improve my teaching and learning in my subject.

The Physical Education department provided me with excellent support and guaranteed that I was allocated enough time to meet the course requirements. My mentors ensured that they were available for support at specific times so I knew I could contact them at any point if I felt unsure of anything. The department as a whole was supportive and encouraged me to go into lessons to help out and observe other members of the department teaching. I found this very valuable; it helped me develop my delivery of lessons and increased my confidence

Loxford’s School Direct programme provided me with an exciting and intense opportunity to learn, develop and ultimately achieve my goal of joining the teaching profession. I really felt part of the Loxford School community from day one and this was due to the support, help and encouragement I received whilst on the course.