School of the Year

Loxford wins University of Westminster School of the Year

This award was given to Loxford in recognition of our work with the university’s ‘Explore Teaching’ scheme. Explore Teaching trains around 100 undergraduate and postgraduate students each year to complete a 15-day placement in a school or college, using their subject knowledge to support small groups of pupils. The students generally support the classroom teacher in their subject as well as promoting the university experience, helping to raise aspirations. Two placement students wrote about their positive experiences:-

Shafaa said: The induction was very welcoming, I was given a folder which all teachers receive upon arrival. Also I was given a tour of the school and told about what I would be required to do as part of my role. During the placement I was encouraged to work with a diverse range of students. I also taught a small group and conducted a starter as part of a lesson. I would like to thank Ms Carpenter, Ms Davies and Ms John as they helped and advised me in the best possible way.


Syeda said: It was the best placement I had done so far in an academic field; I actively took part in classroom discussions and activities and was able to work on my approach with children of different ages. I have grown as a person and feel even more so strongly about going into teaching after my work placement. I would like to thank Miss Katherine Mills for being an amazing mentor and for challenging me and giving me inference tasks despite being so busy!

We are proud of our links with the University of Westminster and pleased that 23 students enrolled in 2017. We look forward to hosting more placement students in the near future.