Year 10 Textiles Trip

On Tuesday, the 7th of May 2019, Year 10 Textiles students visited The British Museum to gain first-hand inspiration for their new project.

Students started their visit by exploring the African and North American culture. They documented with photographs and drew using a range of techniques practiced in lessons since the start of the course.

They were intrigued by the overwhelming collections in the ‘Living and Dying’ gallery and the Aztec sculptures of Mexico. Following lunch in the sun they detailed the origins of artefacts over time with hieroglyphics and pharaohs in Egypt and then a peaceful close in Japan!

Their experience will trigger an investigation into a fusion of cultures from around the globe. Their coursework accumulates to 60% of their GCSE grade which is marked in a year’s time and the outcomes will feature in their Year 11 Art Exhibition. All students made lovely progress and we look forward to planning their ‘Cultural Jackets’ over the coming weeks.