Year 9 Police Talks

During the week beginning 14th January 2019, all year 9 students have taken part in talks with our safer schools officer PC Sher and PCSO Marshall regarding personal safety on public transport and the importance of staying safe, along with awareness of CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation).

PCSO Marshall made students aware of their own conduct on public transport as well as the features of safety on London Buses. Students were made to feel safe and alerted that if they feel uneasy on public transport then to move elsewhere or speak with the driver. Students also were made aware of the features of ZIP cards (Free travel on London buses). Students were reminded the importance of tapping onto the bus and also the importance of their conduct and behaviour. Students were also reminded that they are representatives of the school when they are out on public transport in their school uniform.

PC Sher then spoke with students regarding CSE. Although a sensitive topic, all students were very mature regarding the content. PC Sher explained the characteristics of grooming and how this can spiral from a small gift for example buying someone chicken from the chicken shop to lavish gifts of new trainers and phones. Students were also told that this could be linked into moving illegal substances between places. Students were informed that this can happen to both boys and girls and that all of them needed to be aware of the signs.

Students stated that they all felt safe speaking to adults in school and therefore would report this to an adult should they be worried. Students were informed to report anything concerning so that it can be looked into. The students enjoyed the talks and are now more aware of how to keep themselves safe, both on the streets and online.