Year 12

Welcome to the next stage of your academic journey. You have been successful during your GCSEs and are now ready to begin your A Level or BTEC courses at Loxford Sixth Form.

Being a sixth form student is a new and exciting period of your life. It is a chance to dive deeper into the subjects you have developed a passion for or to study subjects you have never done before. It will be a fantastic experience to be back in school working towards your future and success.

As a sixth form student at Loxford, you will be expected to work independently, carry yourself in a mature manner and adhere to deadlines. You will also be expected to carry out 20 hours of community service with the purpose of developing your character, gaining new skills and increasing your chances of being accepted into the University of your Choice. This will allow you to leave the sixth form a mature and focused young adult, ready to make a real difference to society.

Loxford Sixth Form offers outstanding teaching in a nurturing and supportive environment. Our staff are available to help, guide and support you along this new and sometimes challenging journey. However, they cannot do all the work for you. It is imperative that you have high standards for yourself and set targets to aid your progression. You must embrace an investigatory approach towards your learning and use the time you have available to improve your understanding. 

An essential part of being a sixth form student is independence and growth. This often requires taking responsibility for your learning and organising your free time. One of our main aims within Year 12 is establishing positive study habits while developing broader interests that complement your academic studies.

It is the expectation at Loxford that students plan their weeks carefully and use their time effectively to study. Study periods are timetabled into the Quiet and Silent study rooms. For success in A Level and BTEC studies, it is essential that this time is used effectively. There is a greater emphasis on independent work; therefore, you must ensure that you grasp every opportunity to use the time available in an effective manner. Though your academic achievement is important to us, your social and emotional wellbeing is also something that we consider vital. We encourage students to manage their time in a manner that creates a healthy work-life life balance. 

Loxford has a strict dress code, which all members of the sixth form must follow.  Male students must wear a formal shirt and tie with a suit, or a blazer and trousers. Female students should wear a suit, or a blazer with formal trousers or a knee length skirt.  Jeans, leggings, tight trousers, see through tops and trainers are not allowed. 

Students will be sent home to change if they attend school inappropriately dressed: the school will make the final decision about what is acceptable dress.

Year 12 will bring new experiences and challenges but we be here to support you every step of the way. I look forward to this academic year and wish you every success throughout your chosen courses and in your future beyond Loxford Sixth Form. You can and you will succeed.

Ms. Qureshi

Achievement Team Leader