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At Loxford School we are very excited in having the opportunity to work in partnership with you and lighting the fire of learning for your children. You will find that we have high expectations at Loxford, of teachers and parents as carers and educators, and of children as interested and independent learners.

We know that supportive parents working in co-operation with school ensures that children are happy and purposeful making good progress in all areas of development. We hope that the website will be of use to you in understanding life in the Primary at Loxford School, and we welcome every opportunity to speak with you about your child throughout his/her time with us.

Mrs Anita Johnson OBE – Head Teacher | Ms Angela Mathurin - Senior Deputy Headteacher

Healthy Packed Lunch

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Healthy Lunchbox Guide Packed Lunch Ideas

School Rules


Be In The Right Place, At The Right Time, Doing The Right Thing


The school is not permitted to hold nor administer any medicine with the exception of prescribed asthma pumps and Epi-pens. Should your child require any medication during the school day. Please contact the office for a medicine consent form.


Jewellery is not to be worn to school with the exception of small stud earrings. This is a school rule and to avoid any accidental injury, for example whilst taking part in a physical education lesson or playing in the playground.


Please telephone the school office on 0208 514 4666 and press 1 to notify staff of any absence and give a note to your child’s teacher on their return to school.


At Loxford School we believe that good attendance and punctuality are essential if our children are to take full advantage of school life and gain the educational and social skills which will equip them for their futures.  It is also very important that children leave school on time. We aim to promote good attendance and punctuality through:

  • Self-registration as well as class registration
  • Noting children who arrive late in a book
  • Monitoring lateness
  • Speaking to parents/carers
  • Sending letters home
  • Promoting good attendance to parents’ meetings

Parents/Carers of children who are consistently late or whose attendance is perceived to be poor will be referred to our Attendance Officer and the School’s EWO.

Leave taken during term time without the permission of the Headteacher may result in a penalty notice being issued against you. In addition, you may be at risk of losing your child’s school place.

Children should always be collected punctually at 3.10 pm. If a child is not collected they will be taken to the School Office at 3.20 pm and their name recorded in the late collection book. Parents/carers will be asked to record a reason for their lateness. Emergency contact numbers will be used if we are unable to contact Parents/Carers.

If any Parent/Carer has an emergency that means they are going to be late, the school should be informed as soon as possible. Please refer to our Policies and Procedures for information on the late collection of children.

Trips and Events

Natural History Museum Trip – Year 3 – 27th & 30th November 2023

Year 3 went to the Natural History Museum for their science topic on rocks and their history topic on prehistoric Britain.

The children were able to see a variety of displays linked to their learning and really deepen their understanding of prehistoric life and rock types. They especially enjoyed seeing all of the dinosaur skeletons and the volcano room, they also completed a booklet with activities linked to each of the rooms they visited.





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