School Council

In the Primary Phase we promote the idea of being a listening school where children’s views are valued. Each class from Year 2 upwards elects two representatives to form the School Council, which meets twice each half term. Regular circle times and class discussions provide opportunities for the children to raise concerns and put forward suggestions as to how certain aspects of school life can be managed or improved.

We want our School Council to give us opportunities to:

  • Be involved in making the decisions to improve school life for everyone.
  • Work more closely with staff in developing a caring school community.
  • Be able to voice the opinions of people in our class.

Important School Council Information

  • The School Council is made up of 2 representatives per class in Years 2 to 6.
  • Their fellow class members will have elected the representatives.
  • The School Council meets twice in each half term.
  • Mrs Whitfield is the link YCT.
  • The link YCT supports the elected Secretary in taking the minutes of the Council meetings. These are distributed to each class to make sure everyone knows about the activities of the Council. A copy of the minutes are displayed on our School Council display board.

Responsibilities of Pupil Councillors

  • Class representatives will report back to their class after every school council meeting.
  • Class representatives will take issues brought up by their class to the School Council. They will put across the views of their class, not their own opinions.
  • School Councillors will ensure they read the Council notice board regularly.

Responsibilities of Teachers

  • Teachers will make sure that all classes have an opportunity to share minutes from the last meeting.