Year 8

Welcome to Year 8

Year 8 is an exciting and important developmental year for all students as they embark on the second phase of their journey through secondary school.

And whilst we are aware that due to COVID restrictions, some part of the academic year was spent away from school, the expectation is that by the end of the year, students in year 8 will develop the necessary skills to become strong, resilient and independent learners.

All students in Year 8 are seen as young adults, capable of making the right informed decisions about their behaviour and learning. We believe that every student has a part to play in building a strong foundation, we believe that every student has the right to learn, we believe in creating a strong working partnership between home and the school in order for the student to thrive.

The Achievement Team Leader, Ms Geke, is responsible for learning and achievement of the year group. The Year Care Team, Mr Spratt is responsible for student welfare and is available to help students and parents with any concerns they may have.  All students are placed in tutor groups and together with their tutor, they will continue developing the foundations for them to excel in their education and to achieve their goal – excellent results.

The year 8 team insist on the highest standards of work and behaviour at all times. Every student must follow the school Code of Conduct and must be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. Letters, certificates and prizes are given for outstanding work and sanctions are used when students do not meet our high standards. Students are encouraged to have a say in the life of the school and each tutor group sends representatives to the year council ensuring that the student voice is heard.

Your child should expect to get homework every day. This must be written in their homework diary and therefore it is essential that homework is recorded neatly and brought to school everyday. It is expected that diaries will be checked by parents every week.  We expect homework to be completed in a timely manner as per the instructions given by their subject teachers. Any student failing to adhere to school policy will be issued with the necessary sanction. Therefore, it is imperative that students  

We believe in healthy competition between tutor groups: each week points are given for attendance, punctuality, behaviour and achievement. Every term, an award is made to the ‘Tutor Group of the Term’ and, at the end of the year the ‘Tutor Group of the Year’ is announced. There are regular competitions, quizzes and contests which are held throughout the year that all tutor groups are expected to take part in. Learning how to work in a team and becoming an effective team player are essential life skills

As an award winning Reading School, we place the skills connected to reading at the heart of our values.  Reading develops confidence, improves communication skills and encourages our readers to become inquisitive creative learners.  We insist that all students have a reading book with them every day. As a school, it is part of our policy that we all read together for Whole School Reading every Thursday.

It is important that students are awarded for their excellences in achievement and behaviour. Your child will have the opportunity to carry out the role of being a student ambassador. In addition to the PSHCE curriculum, students will have the opportunity to work on extended projects which will help them to develop their independent learning skills and develop their empathy skills.

As a year group, students will be encouraged to create a strong understanding of charity and foster  community spirit. Students will have the opportunity to develop, plan and implement projects that will raise awareness of a given cause which will be voted for by students. Each form class will then help to work towards an overall target. It will be the goal of every year 8 student to show evidence that they have worked towards being a team player and how they have contributed to the idea of charity and community spirit.

Please do contact the school if there are any issues or concerns that you have.

I look forward to a very successful year with lots to celebrate from every member of Year 8.

Ms Geke
Achievement Team Leader




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