School Meals

We provide a range of quality hot meals or sandwiches each day. Dinner money must be paid in advance to the school office – currently £11.25 a week (£2.25 per day). You can view the menu at the school office.

Each menu complies with the latest School Food Trust standards, which ensure children receive the recommended levels of essential nutrients, whilst avoiding too much unhealthy content such as saturated fat. Most of the dishes are homemade, and all meals are carefully prepared by our dedicated kitchen team.


If you think you are entitled to free school lunches please ensure you contact Lynton House on 0208 554 5000 or go to where further information and an online application form is available. If you require help with this, please see the Staff in the School Office.

Free school meal Parent update

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Telehone - 02085545000


Which could include a non-fizzy drink (drinking water is available for all children), in a named lunch box. We encourage healthy eating so no sweets are allowed.


Children who are in the EYFS and the infants (Year 1 and Year 2) are eligible for free fruit. This is offered during morning playtime.


Children up to the age of five are eligible for free milk which is delivered fresh each morning.


The children have access to water throughout the day.