Support for your Learning

As young adults, students are encouraged to take responsibility for organising themselves and their work. At the same time this transition has to be negotiated and supported on the basis of partnership.

As part of a tutor group led by a specialist Sixth Form Tutor, students will receive the academic guidance and pastoral support they need to succeed. Regular feedback from staff on how they can improve their work will enable them to achieve their full potential.

The Sixth Form tutor provides both academic and pastoral support. As well as the tutorial programme of outside speakers and general, personal and social education, there is group work providing an opportunity for discussion and mutual support.

On a regular basis, both the form tutor and ATL will review the academic progress of all students to involve each student in action planning, target setting and to discuss any problems.

Individual interviews are arranged by tutors on a regular basis to involve each student in action planning, targeting and reviewing progress on courses, and to discuss any problems. The tutor will refer to subject teachers, the Achievement Team Leader or other agencies as necessary. There is a confidential professional counselling service available for students who wish to make use of it. Subject teachers start the year with induction units and introduce students to the study skills and other teaching and learning approaches appropriate to the particular subject. At the later stages of the course, both tutors and subject teachers will spend time on examination preparation, revision skills and examination technique.

At the beginning of Year 12, students are invited with their parents to meet their Form Tutor and receive reports each term, with a chance to discuss progress with subject teachers and Form Tutor at parents’ evenings in both Year 12 and Year 13.

Library and study areas are available in each school with access to IT and internet facilities and specialist A level collections. Students may use the libraries and study areas in each school where they are taking a course. The Sixth Form Library is open till 4.30 for students to study outside of lessons. Each room is supervised by a dedicated member of staff who is available to support with students’ learning.

Further guides in support of learning are shown as links on the right. Additionally we have a reading list as we believe that reading is a major key to learning.

Chromebooks for Learning Scheme at Loxford

We are delighted to offer the Chromebooks for Learning Scheme for Loxford Sixth Form students. We are working in partnership with Google and listened to the views of a number of students. Sixth Form students have the opportunity to own a Chromebook for use in school and at home. In school it will link to the wifi and students will be able to work as they would on a school PC and access the same filtered websites available on other school laptops and PC’s.

At home students will be able to join to their own wifi. They will have a Google account, Cloud storage using Google Drive and access to many educational apps. We will support students in getting the most out of their Chromebook and encourage them to use it in lessons and their study time to create, share and collaborate using Google Apps for Education.

The model of laptop that you will receive would vary and usually costs around £150 - £200. We will always endeavour to procure the best priced unit. Below are two examples. 

Full details of the scheme can be found here

A list of frequently asked questions can be found here

If you wish to join the scheme then please complete this application and return it to the school finance office

To find out more about the HP Chromebook 11A G8 please click here

To find out more about the HP Chromebook 14A G5 please click here