Year 10

Welcome to Year 10

Welcome to Year 10.  This year is going to be a crucial year for your children in preparing them for their future success.  The transition between Year 9 and Year 10 is expected to be a big one, as it is a real opportunity for the young people to embed the skills and characteristics that they have been learning over the last three years and demonstrate the maturity that is necessary to succeed at GCSE level. 

Your children will be supported in this transition by their new Achievement Team Leader, Miss Storey who will be responsible for the achievement and learning of the year group and the Year Care Team, Miss Lang, who will continue to be responsible for student welfare and behaviour.  Form tutors will continue to have an integral role in monitoring study skills and planners, delivering PSCHE and supporting their academic achievement.  

Here at Loxford the focus will be on preparing your children for their GCSE exams that will take place in July 2022.  Students will follow a linear assessment, which will mean that everything that they do in lesson during Year 10 and Year 11 will be tested in their final exams.  With this in mind there will be high expectations of your child’s effort within their subjects, their behaviour for learning and their attendance.  They will be expected to continue to be important members of the Loxford School community in setting an example to the younger year groups as well as playing an active role in the leadership opportunities available.  Students are also invited to take advantage of the extracurricular opportunities available such as, sports, arts, sciences, drama and musical clubs.

Students should expect to be set homework on a weekly basis and should be completed without exception.  As parents and carers, it is important to provide children with a quiet and safe environment in which any school work can be done.  Students are invited to continue to make use of their Google Classroom pages to contact staff when help may be needed.  At Loxford we aim to create an environment which supports all of our students and continues to push them to make outstanding progress.  Year 10 will be a challenging and demanding year and we urge our students to aim high to achieve their full potential. 

Miss Lang and I look forward to a working in partnership with you to ensure the achievement and success of your child during Year 10.

Miss Storey

Achievement Team Leaders



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