Year 10


Year 10 is an exciting and challenging year for students as they begin their GCSE journey in Key Stage 4. Students begin to study their chosen curriculum, following the core subjects of Maths, English and Science alongside a variety of other subjects creating a broad and balanced education for each individual student. Students will need to show tenacity whilst adapting changes with new increased workload, new timetables and introduction of different new subjects such as sociology, psychology and business.

Higher academic expectations are central to our purpose. Year 10 students need to set themselves highest standards possible as they begin studying their GCSE and the examination will be taken in summer 2025.Our expectation is that by the end of the year, students in year 10 will develop the necessary skills to become confident, independent, resilient, articulate and thoughtful learners. In addition to this, we expect our year 10 students to be capable of making the right informed decisions about their behaviour and learning. Equally Students are expected to take responsibility for their learning and attitude. This will be a time for students to think about careers, college, A-levels, apprenticeships and for students to really reflect on themselves and to focus on where they want to be and what they need to do to get there.

We will continue to embed positive routines that were developed and learnt in KS3 to maximise their day to day learning. In achieving this, students will continually, be supported by their Form Tutor, being their first point of contact in the school. The Achievement Team Leader, Mrs Geke, is responsible for learning and achievement of the year group. This Year Miss Frankie Atkinson is responsible for student welfare and is available to help students and parents with any emerging concerns affecting their well-being in our school.  

We have a higher expectation in our students and we believe that every student needs to be empowered towards knowledge and learning. Furthermore, we believe in creating a strong working partnership between home and school in order for the students to excel. We expect higher standards of homework and behaviour. Your child should expect to get weekly homework in all subjects. Homework enables students to develop a variety of skills such as time management, resilience and determination. Homework must be recorded accurately and completed as per the subject teacher guidance and expectations. In additions, we expect the parents to check and sign the diaries on a weekly basis.

Reading underpins everything we do at Loxford, reading helps to keep the mind active, strengthen writing and thinking skills. We expect all the students to have a reading book every day. As part of our school policy we read together; ’Whole School Reading every Thursday’. The school provides a huge range of extra-curricular opportunities such as sporting, drama and other endeavours. The key objective is to enable our students to develop as well-rounded individuals. Furthermore, Students are encouraged to take roles in school leadership roles such as school ambassador leadership role with the aim of ensuring that the student voice is heard. In PSCHE programmes, students are encouraged to participate in their community programmes which includes fundraising for a charity with an aim of fostering community spirit and developing a sense of social responsibility.

Students will be rewarded for their outstanding attendance, behaviour and achievement. Letters, certificates and prizes are given for outstanding work whilst sanctions are set for students who do not adhere to the school policy, every student must follow the school Code of Conduct and must "Be at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.

Year 10 students are encouraged to work as a team, thus there are regular competitions between form groups. On a weekly basis ,students are made aware of the tutor group of the week based on the cumulative of positive points received due to attendance, punctuality, behaviour and achievement. Furthermore, in every term, an award is made to the ‘Tutor Group of the Term’ and, at the end of the year the ‘Tutor Group of the Year’ is announced.

It has been a great pleasure working with the students in KS3 and I am looking forward for a great year in year 10.

Mrs Geke
Achievement Team Leader

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