Year 9

Welcome to Year 9

Year 9 is an exciting and crucial year for students as they enter the third phase of their secondary school journey. It marks the completion of Key Stage Three and the preparation for Key Stage Four. By the end of the year, it is expected that all Year 9 students will have developed the necessary skills to become resilient, independent learners, ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

In Year 9, all students are considered young adults capable of making informed decisions about their behaviour and learning. We strongly believe that each student plays a vital role in building a strong foundation and has the right to learn. We aim to foster a strong partnership between home and school to ensure the student's success.

Year 9 provides a time for reflection on the educational journey so far. It is an opportunity for students to take control of their education and move forward as empowered, independent learners. It is also a time to contemplate future careers and make informed choices regarding subjects and career paths.

Selecting the right curriculum in Year 9 is a significant part of the transitional journey for their future. It is crucial to choose subjects that genuinely interest and motivate students. With the support of the Achievement Team Leader, Curriculum Team Leaders, and Form Tutors, students will receive guidance in making important curriculum decisions that will shape their educational future. This process, known as the options process, allows students to consider which specific subjects they wish to specialize in while still obtaining qualifications in the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. The choices made may also impact future courses or job opportunities after Year 11. It is essential to thoroughly consider these decisions and seek help when needed. At Loxford School, we pride ourselves on providing guidance and academic preparation to ensure students make well-informed decisions. Detailed information regarding the options process will be provided closer to the time.

Miss Stennett, the Achievement Team Leader, is responsible for overseeing the learning and achievement of the Year 9 group, while Ms. Lang, the Year Care Team focus on student welfare. Each student is assigned a tutor group, and together with their tutor, they will continue building the foundations necessary for academic excellence and goal achievement.

The Year 9 team upholds high standards of work and behaviour at all times. Respect towards staff and peers is expected from every student. We believe that establishing strong foundations enables students to work together for the greater good of all. Students must adhere to the school's Code of Conduct and be in ‘the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing’. Recognitions such as letters, certificates, and prizes are awarded for outstanding work, while sanctions are employed when students fail to meet our high standards. Students are encouraged to contribute to the school community through Student Council meetings, where they can voice their opinions and ideas.

Students should anticipate receiving homework on a daily basis. It is crucial that they record their assignments clearly in their homework diaries and bring them to school every day. Parents are expected to check the diaries weekly. Homework should be completed promptly according to the instructions given by subject teachers. Failure to comply with school policy will result in appropriate sanctions from the subject staff and/or the Achievement Team Leader. Therefore, it is imperative that students check their diaries daily.

Recognising students for their achievements and exemplary behaviour is of great importance; Your child will have the opportunity to serve as a student ambassador, a role that carries prestige. Furthermore, alongside the Personal, Social, Health, and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) curriculum, students will engage in extended projects aimed at developing their independent learning and empathy skills.

The primary objective for every Year 9 student is to demonstrate their dedication to teamwork and their contributions to unity, leadership and responsibility; these contributions can manifest through academic excellence as well as participation in extracurricular activities.

If you have any concerns or issues, please don't hesitate to contact the school. We are here to support you.

I look forward to another successful year with lots to celebrate from every member of Year 9.

Miss Stennett

Year 9 Achievement Team Leader


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