Struggling to afford access to digital? Here’s where to find help

September 8th 2022

The current cost of living crisis has put financial stress on many households across the UK. 

Affordable access to digital technology – whether broadband and data, devices, or even the energy costs needed to go online – is becoming increasingly difficult for many.

If this sounds familiar then it’s important to realise you’re not alone. 

Around 9% of UK households report having zero access to laptops, desktops, or tablets at home – and our Left Behind in Lockdown report also uncovered inequality in UK families’ digital access.

Millions are behind on broadband bills, and Ofcom reported that over a third of primary school children didn’t always have appropriate devices at home “for their online schooling needs” during lockdown.

But there’s plenty of support out there for getting online at home.

Read on to find out about organisations and initiatives that can help.

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