Anti-Bullying week

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December 16th 2020

Monday, 16th of November 2020 to Friday, 20th Of November 2020 was the ‘Anti—bullying week’. At Loxford School, several activities took place during this week. The week started with ‘Anti-bullying’ workshops in Art, Drama, ICT and Music lessons for students in years 7, 8 and 9. Students participated in interactive workshops with their teachers in these lessons following the social distancing rules. Students enjoyed the workshops and learnt a lot from them as well. In Art, they produced beautiful pieces of work expressing their ideas behind bullying as abstract art. In drama, they acted out performances related to anti-bullying. In ICT, they made posters and t-shirts as part of their workshop activity.

In addition, during PSHE lessons at the end of the day, anti-bullying ambassadors presented power point activities to the tutor group to raise awareness about the topic. The purpose of the weeklong activity was to make students more confident to talk about bullying and report it to adults in the school. It also promoted awareness of the topic and gave students courage to stand up to bullying with the help of teachers and other adults in the school.