Year 9 and 10 LGBTQ+ Conference Diversity Trip

March 3rd 2023


On Tuesday February 28th, fourteen Year 9 and 10 students represented Loxford School at a LGBTQ+ Diversity Event at Woodbridge Secondary School.

Eighteen schools across the Redbridge Borough attended this incredible event which boasted well-being workshops, panel discussions, and guest speakers. The overarching theme was an incredible strong desire to ensure that Redbridge schools become more inclusive and celebrate diversity amongst our student populations. Students learnt about historical figures and pioneering LGBTQ+ individuals in many different fields like STEM and Performing Arts. Perhaps the most important objective of the day was to come up with a borough-wide action plan for spreading inclusivity and celebrating diversity in our schools, all whilst making them safer spaces.

It was incredible to witness students from all different schools working seamlessly together to ensure that every single voice was represented and heard in the action plan. Overall, this was a day that our students will remember with fondness.