Macbeth Trip

September 27th 2023

Macbeth Trip Summary:

On Tuesday, September 19th students from Year 10 and Year 11 went to see a live production of Macbeth at The Globe Theatre. The production was a sell out event with students from different schools and tourists coming to see a modern telling of the famous Tragedy of Macbeth. The students were treated with an ensemble cast which has been recently praised for the depiction of the tragedy for a modern audience and this would act as the perfect method of revision for the text as the Globe is the best way to experience Macbeth. The performance was also quite interactive with students close up to the action, where characters entered exited through the crowd, bringing the students the same experience that Jacobeans would have had watching the play in the original productions.Thumbnail IMG 4421Processed F4DDBA8A 66F8 4B8B AAFC C3C28F042BF7 A628F602 6F0E 423E A7A1 F185E492875AOriginal 8918694B 82D1 4254 B689 CC4D9710A46FOriginal C64EA617 3104 4605 AA94 B0B5F7158618Original F4089611 EE67 45F8 96A0 E09032C67881Original B0A2BF77 8CF9 4D75 8383 E048A8236D2E