2021 Child Friendly Redbridge Ambassadors

November 25th 2021

The Council’s Child Friendly Redbridge programme saw nearly 300 young people nominate themselves to be an Ambassador for their school and there are 50 nominees for Loxford School.

After over 1200 votes from the school, the two students who have been elected for this academic year are: Nasrullah Majid and Mudassar Nadeem. As CFR Ambassadors, they will meet with the other Ambassadors from across Redbridge at least twice a term and they will drive and influence the CFR Programme, helping to deliver changes on matters concerning safety, health, climate change and regeneration. 

Along with the meetings they will receive training from UNICEF on how to support and develop plans for CFR, as well as representing and consulting Redbridge young people on their priorities for Redbridge. Loxford  is very proud of them and wish them luck in their role.