Bella Cox visited Loxford School

December 3rd 2021

Writing poetry

Topic: Developing a sense of character through identity and belonging.

Descriptive Writing:

Topic: Exploration of self through poetry.


Some quotes from students who attended the workshop.

The session was really fun anf creative. I don't usually like poetry however, this was fun.

it was different to other lessons which is why i enjoyed it.

I believe we should have more workshops like this as it may also help our mental health.

I enjoyed this workshop very much as it gave me different points of view about reading or liking poems. 

This workshop was fun as we were able to do creative writing and not hae a specific criteria to follow, while using our imagination.

I found this workshop quite interesting as it taught me that the things that you tae for granted and think nothing of can describe the deepest part of you. 

I really enjoyed meeting Bella and hearing/reading her poem. It was beautiful and inspirational, thank you for choosing me to attend.