ITN Visit

January 24th 2023

20230118 112608

On Wednesday 18th January a group of 5 year 9 students attended a diversity day held by ITN supported by the Naz Legacy foundation. 

The day gave us insights into the work of ITN, and the news broadcasts from ITV, Chanel 4 and 5. They provided us with a talk about careers and how to apply for jobs, both within the media and outside. 

We were given tours of the studios for ITV news and Channel 4, and given the opportunity to present the news and were also allowed to control the autocue and had to practice getting the timings right, to allow our peers to read the news. 

The day gave all students a great insight into the work in the media industry and they had workshops with HR departments, presenters, technical directors and producers. The students had an excellent day, and gained a wealth of experience.