Science is intrinsically fascinating and inspiring, and while the inquisitiveness of the young lends itself naturally to scientific study and endeavour, nobody ever really loses the desire to know more about the workings of the world around them. Whether you consider yourself a scientist or not, there is no doubting that science touches every part of your life from the alarm clock that wakes you up in the morning to the toothpaste you use before bed and, of course, the way you are able to read this right now.

We aim to ensure that students are given the experiences which will enable them to:

  • Gain the necessary knowledge and understanding to become confident citizens in an ever increasingly technological world
  • recognise both the usefulness and the limitations of scientific technique
  • realise that Science is relevant to many aspects of everyday life
  • continue their studies in a scientific field after they leave school, should they wish to do so
  • Science teaching focuses on student centred learning which encourages the development of scientifically literate students equipped to succeed in the twenty first century.

Courses Available:

  • A level Biology
  • A level Chemistry
  • A level Physics
  • BTEC Nationals in Applied Science (Level 3)

A Level Results 2019

Congratulations to all A Level students

Biology 74% A*-D

Chemistry 73% A*-C

Best of luck in your future pursuits and well done on all the hard work

A-Level Physics

Why choose this subject:
Find out about quarks and the forces that control them.

Explore the structure of atoms and the powers that shape our world. Discover all about waves, energy, light and theories about the structure of the universe through this course.

Combine this course with:
Computing, Art, a Language.

Essential if you go on to:
Engineering, Design, Teaching, Research, Mechanics.

A-Level Biology

Why choose this subject?
Biology offers the opportunity to grapple with some of the more contentious issues of our day – cloning humans; genetic finger printing; in-vitro fertilisation, to name but a few. This is a highly rewarding and challenging course which will take you from the lab to theory and out into the field in your quest for information, explanation and results.

Combine this course with:
Chemistry, Physics, Maths, a Language, History.

Essential if you go on to:
Medicine, Research Work, Nursing, Teaching.

A-Level Chemistry

Why choose this subject?
If you are curious about the air you breath; what trainers are made of; how to make you own cosmetics; the chemicals in your prescription or the forensics used by the police, then this is your subject. You are interested in the very stuff of life. You are probably also ready to work very hard and manipulate complex scientific equipment.

Combine this course with:
Biology, Physics, Maths, English Literature, Art, Drama, Geography and History.

Essential if you go on to:
Medicine, Research Work, Journalism, Pharmacy, Optometry and Nutrition, Teaching.

Support for your learning

Please use the below websites to help you in your studies in Science

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

KS5 students A level course can access online textbooks and activities on Kerboodle to support their chosen course.

Students in KS4 have the priveledge of being mentored by KS5 students and by Teachers on a one to one basis to improve their exam technique and preparation for their GCSE exams.

Students in KS3 are also being mentored by KS5 students who are science ambassadors who help students to improve their exam techniques.

A Level Results 2020

Congratulations to all A Level students

Biology 64% A*-D

Chemistry 76% A*-C

Best of luck in your future pursuits and well done on all the hard work